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Violence against women and children has become one of the most pervasive as well as concerning issues in the world. In order to eliminate this plague of violence, individuals and organizations need to work together with the world. Are you wondering how you can contribute to this cause? Here are 16 ways!

  1. Raise Awareness: This is one of the most important and powerful tools needed to fight for a cause. Your voice added to the millions of voices fighting against violence can make a change. Whether you engage in an online or on-site advocacy, it does not matter. All that really matters is that you are working hard to ensure violence against women and children is brought to an end. Your social media pages are a good tool and if you go onsite, your circle and community is a good place to start. Whichever way, become an advocate for the good of women and girls around the world.
  2. Educate yourself on Violence: While you make contributions to ending violence amongst women and children in the society, it would help to educate yourself more on violence. Invest time and resources in learning about violence and it’s forms, what you can do to make better contributions and how to go about advocacy. You could also attend seminars and conferences related to violence, girl child and women’s rights. These conferences are aimed at sensitizing and educating the public on violence, it’s effects on victims and how to render help to survivors. These steps would help you become a better advocate and volunteer as well as equip you for challenges you could face.
  3. Encourage and Educate young girls and Women: Education and learning improves people. When given proper education on violence, women and girls would be able to detect when they are being abused or violated. It is important to note that some victims do not realize that they are in fact victims of abuse and violence . So when they are abused, they tend to brush it off and think it is a “norm”. Therefore providing information and education on violence, it’s forms and effects would contribute to encouraging those who have experienced or still experience violence to speak up and seek help.
  4. Kick against sexual violence: Sexual violence has spread its wings so wide and is covering the world. It is our duty to clip those wings and kick it out of our society. When we hear of sexual violence cases, it is our duty to discourage and condemn the act and create awareness in our local communities. The more we speak up about against sexual violence, the more results we would achieve. Do not condone it, do not be a rape apologist, fight against sexual violence!
  5. Discourage harmful practices and traditions: Every culture has its unique practices and traditions. However, there are some traditions which are harmful to the health of those involved. Such practices violate the rights of women and girls which may result in infections, low self esteem or even death. It is important to discourage these practices in local communities, ensure people in these areas know that these practices are harmful and can affect them in different ways.
  6. Enlighten men and boys on the consequence of violence : Most times when we talk about ending violence, we are focused on the girls and forget men or boys who could be the harassers. Thus, it is relevant to educate men and boys on the effects of the action, as well as teach them to say something when they see something. Teach them not to stand with or for rapists or harassers, and that the lives of women and girls matter too. This way, it would make it easier to curb and eventually eliminate violence of all forms in the society.
  7. Volunteer with related organizations: Volunteering is another key aspect of advocacy. It allows you to be connected with your community as you make great impacts on the people and environment. When you are passionate about ending violence in your community, one of the best ways to get involved in the action is volunteering. This may be with skills such as interpersonal, communication, digital and other skills that you possess. Many anti-violence organizations and NGOs are always looking for volunteers to aid their fight. You can volunteer in any capacity, as long as it is aimed at ending violence. Become a volunteer today!
  8. Speak up on domestic violence: All around us women and girls suffer domestic violence. They always feel alone and so, are scared to speak up and find justice. The job here for you is to speak up when you see cases of domestic violence or any violence at all. If you see something, say something. Also, encourage the victim to report to the right authorities and take legal actions. This will help expose the harasser and curb violence.
  9. Sensitize your community on the effects of child marriage: Child marriage is a form of gender based violence. It is an act of formal or informal marriage before the age of 18. This robs the child of their education and childhood experience. It also puts the life and health of the child at risk. As an advocate, discourage child marriage and sensitize communities on the effects it has on the child and the society.
  10. Encourage female education in your community: educating the female population is very crucial to the growth of a community. Therefore educate parents, especially in rural communities, on the advantages of educating the girl child and encourage them to allow their female children to go to school.
  11. Believe and support survivors: People experience violence but instead of speaking up, they prefer to stay quiet. This is in order to avoid being blamed or shamed. It is also because they think nobody would believe their story, so they remain traumatized. When we hear stories of survivors, it is vital to believe them and give them all the support that we can. This would help other victims and survivors speak up about their experiences.
  12. Fund organizations for women: Advocacy is not the easiest job, it also incurs expenses. In this regard, organizations targeted at ending violence against women and children usually require funds to run effectively. You can be a part of advocacy by funding these groups. Make donations or help generate donations through fundraisers and so on.
  13. Treat women and girls with respect: Eliminating violence against women and girls is crucial to achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment all around the world. In this regard, it is important to address the multiple forms of discrimination women and girls face daily. It is also important for women and girls to understand the need to be empowered in order to maintain respect in the society.
  14. Encourage and publicize laws against violence: The government and laws play an important role in eliminating violence in the society. As you create awareness against violence, suggest and publicize laws that can help this cause. Also, when laws related to violence are passed, encourage them and spread the word.
  15. Encourage individuals to join the fight: No voice is too small or low to join the fight. Every voice that is anti-violence is very much important. Therefore, as you try to raise awareness, convince other individuals to participate in awareness and walks against violence. You could also encourage them to speak up wherever they are against violence.
  16. Discourage Female or sexual objectification: Female objectification is the act of treating women like commodities or objects of pleasure. It also entails treating women with no regard and viewing them as instruments for sex. This is a very wrong mindset that we should discourage. It is our duty to condemn this act and speak on the capabilities of women.

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