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Sexual harassment and abuse are often avoidable. However, in other cases, they could not be avoided by the victims.

Despite being at the receiving end of an abuse, it is important for the abused to realise that the abuser does not own them and hence, can not ruin them. They may have had their way, but that does not determine your future because their actions are in your past. What happens tomorrow is all that should matter to you. So, make it a mental note to remind yourself every day that “They do not and cannot ruin me”.

So, it is usually advisable to seek help from professionals after an incident of abuse because this may lead to depression or worse. Getting professional help does not mean you’re insane. It only means you need to talk to someone in order for you to be able to move on.

Always bear in mind that you are stronger than what may have happened and that your life does not end there.
Stay affirmative!


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