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Become a patron We want you to be part of an exciting opportunity to support this organization.

Being a patron means projecting the goals and objectives of the organization, chair impact social/community outreaches, help map out relevant donors and partners to foster projects, AND/OR, An annual one-off donation of N100,000 ($258.72) to the organization.

You can decide on which of the programs the donation should be focused on and be rest assured that a clear report of how your donation is used will be sent at the end of every year.

Why be involved?
  • We believe that you’re a philanthropic personality and will love to engage you based on this priceless quality.
  • To show your support for the Smile Outreach
  • To be a part of a group of motivated individuals concerned about effecting change one community at a time
  • To gain visibility in the Smile Outreach community and support connections within.
When you do become a Patron
  • A picture and description of you will be on our website and links to your profile, website, and organization.
  • You will help  ensure proper monitoring of funds.
  • You will be an important deciding figure in the activities of the Smile Outreach.
  • Send us mail and a team member will contact you quickly

to Become a Partner

to Become a Facilitator

to Sponsor the distribution of comics to the Unreached

to Recommend a community that should be reached