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Prevailer Initiative

Over the years we have seen that people need  access to basic amenities to keep their hope alive.

Food in their belly, clothes on their body and shelter to shield from the sun and rain.

Once all three are assured, there is motivation to hustle.

We call this initiative “The Prevailers initiative”, to rekindle the hope of our people and put a smile on their faces.

All we seek are clothes (other items inclusive) that you have used worn in a while, do not trash it, rather cloth the naked and give hope to your fellow man.


  1. Reach rural communities and provide durable clothes to as many as possible
  2. Gather data from our outreaches in grassroot communities to measure our progress as an organization and a nation  in achieving UN SDG Goal 1.

How you can participate

  1. Donate household items and we help you reach the unreached
  2. Apply to receive a prevailer pack

Now Any Help is Needed

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