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The Outreach Challenge

This is an initiative that seeks to spread awareness about sexual predators who manipulate very young people into unhealthy sexual relationships. Notably, we would be adopting a collective approach via engaging young individuals and communities intended on educating and re-educating beneficiaries to achieve our desired goal. 

We intend to reduce the rate of unplanned pregnancy, sex addiction, school dropout, HIV/AIDs prevalence, STD spread and teenage prostitution by providing relevant practicable solutions and support to adolescents in Nigeria.

Goals and Objectives

  • Create safe spaces for the young to be heard without judgement.
  • Provide 24/7 counselling/helplines for adolescents to reach and share their inquiries or experiences 
  • Sensitize adolescents on the dangers of unprotected sex with an older partner twice or thrice their age using a unique storytelling technique
  • Reach 5,000 girls and 2000 boys in six months with our community by community strategy. Within two years, we intend to reach 200,000 girls and 100,000 boys in all 36 states of the country.
  • Distribute comics and videos to every adolescent reached, thereby ensuring they have a resource to study and teach their mates when the need arises.
  • Create massive awareness surrounding seeming grey areas of sexual assault due to manipulation and ignorance via social media, tv, radio and podcasts
  • Provide support and legal aid to victims by connecting them with relevant partner bodies and organizations that provide the necessary assistance.
Become a partner
Become a facilitator
Sponsor the distribution of comics to the unreached
Recommend a community that should be reached

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