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The Smile Ambassadors Programfor Nonprofits and Volunteers

We have found a gap in the humanitarian sector and are happy to fill it. 

Many volunteers, though eager to work, are charged with tasks that require some level of understanding to perform. 

Does this mean you will always need to have training programs when you use volunteers? 

Absolutely not!, We have devised a seamless approach to ensuring you get the best hands without the hefty pecs of training.

The goal of this program is to ensure organizations get seasoned, committed and well-trained volunteers while volunteers leverage on the priceless opportunity to hone professional skills and position themselves for rewarding roles in their career choices.

Benefits of our approach
Subscribing to our SAP for Nonprofits and Volunteers will   
  • Help volunteers get past the initial confusion they face when they are thrown into an ocean of activities and tasks.
  • They are equipped to perform their duties quickly and efficiently.
  • Our package is set to ensure minimum competency for all volunteers.
  • This approach will impact the volunteers greatly, as knowledge received will be helpful to them and position them for paying jobs.
  • Organizations can consider our approach as a weeding out technique, to ensure that all volunteers live up to their expectations and commitment.
  • This method will expose volunteers to the use of digital tools for learning advantages.
Volunteer training

Apart from selecting and assessing the right match for you, we offer Scale-up training for returning volunteers  to upscale volunteer proactiveness and prepare them for new, tougher, or specific roles.

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SKILL-UP Africa for NGOs

 “Skill-up Africa program” is an organizational service that allows the creation and curation of customized courses for your team members, or general audience .

Our approach is planned to make learning an organic, instinctual part of your organisation, tailored to your needs, framework and resources, simplifying your work rather than adding the burden and hefty cost of training.